I am a filmmaker and an artist living in London, a proud mum of two teenage daughters, an owner of two mischievous dogs and a hamster masquerading as an escape artist


I have painted all my life as others were playing in the playground.

As a child I would prefer to stay at home and simply paint, draw, design and glue random things together. I guess I was either boring or artistic! For years I attended art classes after school led by a lovely art teacher, Miss Danuta Łubińska who allowed me to express my imagination in any way I wanted. This freedom allowed me to gain success and win many art competitions throughout Poland.

In 2004 I moved to London to study Digital Animation. I gained a First Class Honours Degree in Digital Animation and received The Deans' Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Following my academic career I worked in Film and Television Production and my credits can be found on titles such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

In the autumn of 2020 I was awarded a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA) for making a significant contribution to social change and recognising my high level of achievement related to the arts.

Being a Fellow gives me an opportunity to be around and mix with other artists, more importantly it is the opportunity to associate with free thinking individuals who work outside the world of art.

I believe that listening to other people’s ideas and opinions stimulates personal growth, helping us all to develop and synergise and enabling us to see ideas in action and encouraging them to happen. A little challenge and support is more likely to bring about successful outcomes.

It gives an opportunity for collaboration with other members on various projects and could even generate new concepts. I believe that one person's idea is like a seed requiring nurturing. It takes a cross-functional team to bring it to life.

Since I have always been around children I decided that I would like to create and illustrate books for children, there are so many characters running around in my head! In my opinion there is nothing more rewarding than developing a child's imagination and creating illustrations. My quirky and funny personality can be seen through my artwork.