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Reasons for writing the book

I was originally inspired, driven by bullying experiences in childhood, to create a giraffe character with a longer neck than normal and different in his ways to other members of his pod.

A condition I knew well. That giraffe became Ed, named after a boxing friend I knew, demonstrating that Ed had to develop a strong character able to deal with the adversity and prejudice in his life. Ed was originally intended for use on a postcard, but he deserved more! 

Trevor had been writing for himself for a long while and following an introduction by a mutual friend, we synergised and decided to write an illustrated book. I proposed it would be good if Ed, was able to demonstrate his search for and determination of his own identity, by escaping from the zoo. Trevor took this theme of personal empowerment and set it within a backcloth of his longstanding love for London and its’ most famous landmarks, creating a contemporary adventure story which operates at different interaction and learning levels for the reader. 

In fact Ed’s Great Escape is the first book in a trilogy which takes Ed and his audience through his growth into manhood. I want to share unique and funny illustrations as well as encouragement for independence with readers and Trevor wants to share knowledge and wisdom in a contemporary style that is interesting, engaging and fun. Together we set out to create works that children and adults want to return to time and time again, either to just enjoy the narrative or the pictures or both. If it is both, then our reason for writing Ed stories will be achieved with bells on…………


   About the book

Ed is no ordinary giraffe, in fact his keeper at the zoo calls him "The Special One". As well as having an extraordinarily long neck, which is inclined to become tangled, and a photo friendly smile he is extremely intelligent. In this book, Ed breaks out from the zoo and journeys through the great city of London where he meets some surprising people and has many fun packed adventures, before realising that fun is not always enough!

In this first book find out what happens when he meets the royal family, saves a sporting event, discovers his voice and then secures the future of the zoo, all before bedtime. Ed's adventures are supported by beautiful and funny illustrations providing opportunities for engagement and learning. Fascinating facts about giraffes and London emerge as Ed gambols from place to place.

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