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           Feature Documentary


                              THE REASON FOR MAKING THIS FILM

It was the summer of 2014 when I first got to know Bill, whilst I was going through a difficult period with my now ex-husband. Bill was one of the few people who always asked me about my day when I passed him and gave me a much needed smile. I felt grateful for his support and as I got to know him a little better and listened to his stories, I found him to be an intriguing, intelligent and good-hearted man. He did not deserve to be in this kind of situation.  

From the media, I had heard of several success stories resulting in rough-sleepers being able to get off the streets with help from their local community. I realized that nothing was stopping me from doing the same for Bill. I decided to make a film about him and his life on the streets. The film’s overriding objective was simply to raise awareness of the daily difficulties and dangers of sleeping rough in London, whilst creating an honest portrait of Bill. 


My original idea was forced to change when filming, as gradually truths became obvious which strained relationships on both sides and forced all involved to question their reasons for participation.            



Charismatic rough-sleeper Bill juggles the life of a troublemaker and an entertainer at Fulham Broadway, an affluent high street in West London. Over the summer of 2015, filmmaker Masha (Marzena Milowska), alongside camera operator Oz, decided to make a documentary about Bill with the objective of using the film to get him off the street, not knowing that he has romantic feelings towards the director. From this point onwards everything changes.


For years footage was left untouched until 2018 when Masha had discovered news that would set her back to her past.



- Royal Starr Film Festival, Official Selection, Royal Oak, Michigan,USA

10th - 20th September 2020

- LA Underground Film Forum 2020 (LAUFF), Los Angeles, US, Honourable Mention Title, for the vision and the film’s unique contribution to cinema.

June 2020

- Golden State Film Festival, Los Angeles, US, Best Editing - Feature Documentary, Winner,  2 March 2020

- New York Movie Awards, NY, UK, Best Feature Documentary,

Winner,  January 2020

- Florence Film Awards, Italy, Best Feature Documentary,

Winner January 2020


- Florence Film Awards, Italy,  Best Sound Design,

Winner January 2020

- Gold Movie Awards, UK, Best Feature Documentary,

Official Selection, January 2020

- CKF International Film Festival, Best Feature Documentary,

Winner, December 2019


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